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Career Search is transferable skills analysis software based on the National Occupational Classification Career Handbook. It includes aptitude, interest, education requirements, and physical requirements, among other qualifiers, for over 25,000 job titles. Career Search is used by program planners, labour economists, rehabilitation professionals, and others in the health and social services fields, as well as by insurance companies and litigators.

Pain Symptom Ratings

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The Pain Symptom Ratings provides an independent, reliable, and valid means of predicting treatment compliance and outcome in studies of treatment safety and efficacy. It also allows for unbiased measurement of the legitimacy of self-reported pain severity in forensic settings, and of psychological determinants of pain severity and disability in clinical populations.

PSR subscales were empirically derived from statistical analysis of the symptoms of over 7500 chronic pain patients ranging in age between 18 and 70 years. The PSR is composed of 120 symptoms with subtle psychological content reflecting anxiety, depression, unproductive thinking, symptom preoccupation, somatization, assumption of the sick role, addiction risk, sense of entitlement, and symptom magnification/malingering, among others.

Whissell's Dictionary of Affect in Language

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Whissell's Dictionary is a computer program that analyzes the emotional content of language (i.e., text). The program analyzes words along the dimensions of Pleasantness, Activation and Imagery, and also analyzes word frequency (i.e., how common the word is in the English language) and sentence structure (e.g., sentence length, use of exclamation or question marks, etc.).

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